PhenQ – Metabolism Boosting Appetite Suppressant

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PhenQ is a cost-effective alternative to multiple weight loss pills.

Combining several of the main ingredients found in the most popular and effective weight loss pills, along with their own secret ingredient makes PhenQ one of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market today.


413509d32bd31b6c73a3085e4484d51cUnlike other diet pills, PhenQ combats excess fat in multiple ways using a combination of ingredients which are often found in diet pills individually. This means PhenQ is not only more powerful than other diet pills, but also more cost effective for you, the buyer.


  • Burns existing fat
  • Stops new fat from being stored
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Boosts your energy
  • Improves your mood

PhenQ attacks problem fat in multiple ways;

It burns fat

Trademarked formula α-LACYS RESET®, when combined with PhenQ’s unique Capsimax powder formula actively speeds up the body’s metabolism (the rate at which your body naturally burns calories) and in turn increases your body’s thermogenesis. This is your body’s heat production.

In order to produce heat, your body must burn up calories, hence the reason this helps to create a deficit in your body’s daily energy stores. This of course is one of the contributory factors in successful weight loss.

In addition, L-Carnitine Furmarate is added to PhenQ. This is a naturally occuring amino acid often found in red meats, nuts and leafy greens. Those who don’t eat enough of these foods will benefit greatly from adding PhenQ to their diet.

It stops new fat being stored

Piperine and Calcium Carbonate are added to PhenQ in order to prevent new fat from being stored in your body.

Whilst Piperine prevents new fat cells from forming, calcium is essential to replenish the reserves which are often so low in those who struggle with weight loss. By taking PhenQ, you are giving your body a calcium boost which in turn reassures your body that it is nourished enough to be able to afford to ‘let go’ of stored fat.

It suppresses your appetite

Chromium Picolinate controls your sugar and carb cravings by ensuring sugar is taken from your blood stream and into the cells to be used as energy as quickly as possible. This prevents you craving more of the same, which in turn prevents unnecessary eating and weight gain.

In addition to the above, Nopal is included which is high in fibre and amino acids. This assists you with keeping hunger at bay and also prevents fluid retention.

Lastly caffeine is added to improve your alertness and in turn stop you feeling hungry due to fatigue. You’ll also noticed increase performance when working out, which of course can only be a good thing when losing weight!

A powerful combination!

PhenQ Review

Ghislain lost 11lbs in 1 month with PhenQ!

As you can see, PhenQ is not a standard diet pill. By combining some of the most effective slimming supplements currently known, it attacks both the issue of new fat being laid down in the body and also the mental effects of dieting, which are so often overlooked.

Staying focused on any new healthy eating regime is near impossible if you’re craving sugar or feeling hungry and tired all the time. PhenQ targets all of these emotions which can negatively impact your weight loss efforts effectively with not just one, but multiple ingredients.

You can purchase PhenQ directly from the manufacturer here.

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